Five years after Cardan’s Pod…

Gerald and Linda Lawton had one child, and though they wanted a larger family, it was impossible that they would ever have more children. After a terrible accident injures their son, a clerical error thrusts the Lawtons into Marta’s world…

…and Marta’s world was impossible from the start.
While it has taken far longer to get to print, the original draft of "Marta's Pod" was written immediately following the original draft of "Cardan's Pod." The characters, it seemed, were not ready for their story to be finished, and I wasn't ready to be finished with them. After well over a decade, I'm still not ready to be finished with them.

In "Marta's Pod," I spent more time with other members of the Pod, and in particular, Eva. In the five years since the ending events of "Cardan's Pod," they have been living a quiet, secret existence in their island home. A series of events brings about changes for the Pod, and one event, especially, will change their outlook forever.
Cardan's Pod
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