Not all angels have wings…

Joshua Cardan is the kind of man many women would consider a great catch.  He’s young, decent looking, a nice guy, and not incidentally, rather wealthy.  Cynthia Cardan certainly considered him a great catch when she married him a year ago.

Too bad Josh doesn’t know Cynthia has planned all along to throw him back.

Too bad Cynthia doesn’t know who will be there to rescue him when she does.

Then again, no one knows the Pod is there to begin with, and the Pod has been waiting for someone for a long time…
Of all the stories I have written, "Cardan's Pod" remains one that has captivated my imagination the most. When I first conceived the story, I had a much different idea in mind for both the characters and the progression of the plot, but as I wrote, the characters grew and asserted themselves. Their situations became real to me, and with that, their feelings and reactions to those situations became clear, contrary to what I had first envisioned.

I started with the premise of taking creatures of folklore and mythology, and placing them within the context of the world as we know it, abiding by the natural laws and limitations we all face. I had, from the start, imagined the Pod as people, but it wasn't until I spent time with them, writing their story, that I learned what all that entailed.

Above all, I learned if they were not real to me, they would never be real to anyone else.
Marta's Pod
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